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I know first hand it can be so hard to choose colors to start your business! Colors help you portray your message and let your visitors start to visualize your personality through your branding. Colors show if your brand is bold, soft, organic, feminine, or fun.

When you start narrowing down the visuals of your brand, you may already have an idea of a color or two you want to use. That’s great! Go with your instincts and what you like. You want your brand to reflect you as much as possible. If you don’t know what colors you want, think about the colors of the clothes you wear a lot. What are you drawn to?

But you don’t want your brand to just be one color, I’m here to help you figure out what complementary colors can do for your brand!

What are complementary colors?

Well, complementary colors, are colors that are directly opposite each other on the color spectrum. Adding another shade or hue of one of the colors starts to help you create your color palette.

Like this:

color wheel complementary

One of my favorite tools to use to help nail down a color palette for a client is Coolors! I like having options when designing for a client, I tend to have 5-6 colors including black and white that I can design with and choose from. I teamed up with a few awesome entrepreneurial ladies to showcase complementary colors together! Colorful Places and Faces was such a fun project, you can check it out here! You can see some of the pictures below with the color palette’s.

Red and Green


Helping me demonstrate green and red, Sideshow Photo Booth!

Green Pamela (21 of 22)_Waverley_Design_Co_Web_Design_Branding_Brand_Graphic_Design_Website_design_Utah_Photographer_colored_walls_in_utah


Helping me demonstrate green and red, Sideshow Photo Booth!

Green Pamela (2 of 22)_Waverley_Design_Co_Web_Design_Branding_Brand_Graphic_Design_Website_design_Utah_Photographer_colored_walls_in_utah44af69-05668d-ffffff-bf0603-c5fffd_Waverley_Design_Co_Web_Design_Branding_Brand_Graphic_Design_Website_design_colored_walls_in_utah_complementary_colors

Helping me demonstrate green and red, Sweet Ruby Co!

Red April (9 of 53)_Waverley_Design_Co_Web_Design_Branding_Brand_Graphic_Design_Website_design_Utah_Photographer

Popular Brands that use red and green:


Blue and Orange



Helping me demonstrate orange and blue, Dash of Salter!

Orange Cheree (12 of 17)_Waverley_Design_Co_Web_Design_Branding_Brand_Graphic_Design_Website_design_Utah_Photographer_colored_walls_in_utah52d1dc-2176ae-f4ecbe-f48668-fe6847_Waverley_Design_Co_Web_Design_Branding_Brand_Graphic_Design_Website_design_colored_walls_in_utah_complementary_colors

Helping me demonstrate orange and blue, Autointune!

kayla blue (28 of 44)_Waverley_Design_Co_Web_Design_Branding_Brand_Graphic_Design_Website_design_Utah_Photographer_colored_walls_in_utahd16014-a1ccf4-264c68-fffbfe-7f7f7f_Waverley_Design_Co_Web_Design_Branding_Brand_Graphic_Design_Website_design_colored_walls_in_utah_complementary_colors

Helping me demonstrate orange and blue, Hiliary Stewart Photography!

hiliary blue (20 of 27)_Waverley_Design_Co_Web_Design_Branding_Brand_Graphic_Design_Website_design_Utah_Photographer_colored_walls_in_utah

Popular Brands that use blue and orange:


Pink and Green



Helping me demonstrate green and pink, Blooms to Bouquets!

Green Haley (11 of 21)_Waverley_Design_Co_Web_Design_Branding_Brand_Graphic_Design_Website_design_Utah_Photographer_colored_walls_in_utah

Popular Brands that use pink and green:


Pink and Blue



Helping me demonstrate pink and blue, Autointune!

Pink Kayla (4 of 23)_Waverley_Design_Co_Web_Design_Branding_Brand_Graphic_Design_Website_design_Utah_Photographer_colored_walls_in_utah

Popular Brands that use blue and pink:flickr-logo_Waverley_Design_Co_Web_Design_Branding_Brand_Graphic_Design_Website_design_colored_walls_in_utah_complementary_colors

Yellow and Blue


Helping me demonstrate yellow and blue, Wasatch View!

Yellow Wasatch (2 of 16)_Waverley_Design_Co_Web_Design_Branding_Brand_Graphic_Design_Website_design_Utah_Photographer_colored_walls_in_utah

Popular Brands that use blue and yellow:


Purple and Yellow



Helping me demonstrate yellow and purple, Lash Effect!

Purple Rachael (8 of 35)_Waverley_Design_Co_Web_Design_Branding_Brand_Graphic_Design_Website_design_Utah_Photographer_colored_walls_in_utah

 Popular Brands that use purple and yellow:

image76 copy_Waverley_Design_Co_Web_Design_Branding_Brand_Graphic_Design_Website_design_colored_walls_in_utah_complementary_colors

I had the absolute honor to be on Wasatch View earlier this month to give everyone some branding tips! These ladies are simply the best and so professional. I just wanted to give three simple branding tips on for everyone–whether you’re wanting to start a blog, business. Whether you’re just starting or rebranding your business here are some simple tips! And you can subscribe to my newsletter and get the full worksheet delivered right to you.


My branding tips

  1. Have a purpose

    1. know an understand WHY you’re in business and everything else will fall into place. Read my recommendation for Start with Why here!
  2. Create something authentic

  3. Be consistent

Watch the video for all the tips!

And here’s the flat lay image we created during the show! It was so easy to create and it was really just from items in my house. My brand centers around business, travel, and branding design. Including something from each of those keeps everything consistent.


Kayla and I started working on her site about six months ago! A series of events happening between the two of us and we knew it was pretty clear that we should take a small break on the branding process! You can read about my account of that break here. First off, Kayla is one of the most passionate people I know and so doing her brand was very personal for the both of us. I learned so much about her and the goals and aspirations she has. I am so proud to finally reveal the brand and website for Autointune!

Autointune wants to heal the world.

Her brand is very colorful, natural, and all about healing the self and the world. Finding a city that matched that was a little bit of a challenge 😉 Kayla’s favorite place is England. It changed her and her soul forever when she’s visited. So we spoke and decided her brand would be dubbed, “Glastonbury”, a town in the countryside of England that is equal parts colorful and quaint.

The Website


The Brand

See our inspiration board and image credits here. Kayla drew the words for the logo, I was able to digitize it and make the watercolor background she was wanting. I love coming up with logos for businesses, but a lot of artists already have something in mind when we talk, so I get to bring their dreams to life!


Brand Headshots

Here are a few of the headshots we did for her and her brand. I absolutely love what we were able to capture. It totally encapsulates her and her personality! My favorite thing about them is that they’re just real. She’s in her “be kind” t shirt, we drove 15 minutes to the mountains where their is so much peace and the mountains she loves, we took pictures with her cat! This was so amazing to be apart of. I know their is definitely a time and a place for hair and makeup with headshots, but capturing how you are with your business day to day is so important!




Earlier this year I went into a little unexpected hiatus. All is well now but it just made think about how as business owners, how much do we do and accept that is not our burden to bear?


Soon after I graduated I started to experience something I’ve never dealt with on a day to day basis, and that’s anxiety. I of course felt nervousness and even major anxiety in my life before now, but nothing that was so real and really pushed on me each and every day like it was in that moment. It was really all I could do to just work on the clients I had and to get through each day. And really only those who are close to me knew what was happening while it was happening.

I had a lot change all at once. It seemed like I had one future laid out perfectly in front of me and it changed really drastically from what I expected it to be. I was no longer in school and I had a new job. I had a million expectations on myself and I thought the world had those same expectations of me. It was all just too much for me to handle at that moment in time. So I took some time off. And taking time off made me even more nervous and honestly, feel super guilty. I was used to going at 110 miles per hour between school, work, photography, dreaming up and staring Waverley, and of course just trying to be an awesome wife, aunt, sister, daughter, and church goer. So when I graduated I really expected myself to still go 110 miles per hour but to be focused on Waverley. I was ready to put all of my unused energy and brain power to this new venture. I was ready and I WANTED it. I thirsted for it. I needed that success to make me feel better.

No one forced any of these titles on me, I very willingly worked my businesses while still finishing school, got married young and always take on too much. But I did expect to be able to force myself to do something that my emotions and body were just not willing or up to do. I needed a break. And I had NO idea that I did so bad. My body was screaming for rest and I was not willing to pay attention to the signs.

So my body, as it has in the past, shut down. I was anxious and scared of success. I was nervous to get to work. I was so tired every day. I was nauseous almost every single day. I wasn’t ready to except defeat or this fate so I kept trying to push and push and I finally gave in. I took time to be with myself, to read, to exercise, to cook, to be with my husband, we got a cat that I was able to snuggle so much, to learn outside of a classroom, to travel, and to really just cleanse my mind of what was going on and get some clarity on where I wanted to go. I started to recognize the signs and causes and knew that if I were to continue on being an entrepreneur, that I needed to get myself in order.

I learned a lot about myself and how to manage the fear of failure. I had a huge turning point when I realized that even IF I failed, I would be totally ok. I could find a job, no one would dislike me for closing shop, my husband would still be here, I’d still have my faith, and really, everything would be alright, even if the worst happened to my business.

And that’s when clarity happened. I feel like I’m back and better than ever. Like I know where I’m going and I have a pretty great idea of how to get there. I understand WHY I’m in business and I know that I’m capable of so much, but that it’s ok to not meet every single expectation you or others put on you. Most of the time I was totally just imagining what others expected of me. I may not be where I expected to be at this point. But you can’t really plan your life. I’m dropping expectations I put on myself and imagine others put on me as well and doing the best imaginable for myself, my business, and my family.

I hope you stay tuned to see what I have to offer and how good taking breaks is for business.